On Valentine's Day, Florence Henderson and Resurrection: An Easter Reflection

     Happy Easter!  Sing loud alleluia's!  Watch a "sword and sandal" movie or two!    Enjoy ham - eating it and saying it!!

     And while you're waiting for things to digest, check out this article I wrote for "The Hollywood Journal", a wonderful e-mag that's all about spirituality and show biz.  Cool stuff!  I was honored to be asked to make an Easter contribution, and here it is.  It's based on a monologue I wrote for "The Bible Cabaret" (the 'Comedy & Music Revue Starring the Old & New Testaments' I've been creating that's a sort of live version of "The Comic Lens")

Click on the title below, and hope it resonates!

On Valentine's Day, Florence Henderson and Resurrection:  An Easter Reflection