What they're saying about Jane....





      "Jane Voigts has a warm and radiant personality that energizes everyone around her. Not only is she active with her religious community, but also strives to educate people about other faiths. She frequently invites members of other religions to her church events to explain their religious beliefs and practices. On one occasion, she moderated and co-taught a very successful educational series on Islam that was attended by over 300 people. Jane is a joy to work with and a great advocate of peaceful and constructive relationships between people of varying faith traditions."

      Naiyerah Koailah, President, Islamic Society of the Central Coast



      "Who knew the Bible was funny -- as in ha-ha funny?  I would rather spend an evening at one of the Rev Voigts cabarets than go to Vacation Bible School!  Dr. Lori Anne Ferrill, Professor of English, Claremont Graduate School


      "Nobody can bring out the comedy - and spiritual potential - of polyester pant suits...and inspire others to do the same....than Jane Voigts.  Her imagination and soul are a wonder.  And hilarious!  She's one of the great hopes for modern religious life."  Jill Soloway, Writer, Director, Producer  Six Feet Under, Afternoon Delight, Transparent, I Love Dick


      "It's no secret that Jane is always the most creative person in the room.  However, what's not always mentioned, is that she's also the smartest.  She has a unique way of looking at the crossroads of scripture and culture in ways that transform the conversation.  Then, when you add her comedic touch, you get caught up in her energy.  I can't think of a person I'd rather work with that brings out my best while touching lives and hearts of those around her -- all while your laughing your guts out!" 

      Rev. Steve Horswill-Johnston, Pastor, Producer, Chuck Knows Church

       "I've known Jane for more than 25 years. She's incredibly talented with a unique point of view and has always been ahead of her time. " CIndy Caponera, Writer and Producer, Saturday Night Live, Nurse Jackie, At Home with Amy Sedaris