Community Action Poverty Simulation

     In the United States, close to 15% of its citizens live in poverty.  Most of us who don’t have a difficult time understanding what it is like and what would most effectively help those living in such circumstances.  We’re awash in misconceptions and fear.


     The Community Action Poverty Simulation provides a powerful and unique opportunity to gain understanding, compassion, inspiration and hope.  Participants “walk in the shoes” of someone living in poverty, experiencing a variety of facets of life during four 15-minute “weeks.”  A simulated month.


     This simulation is not a game.  And it is not really for kids.  It’s a tool used by schools, hospitals, civic organizations, churches and other groups who want to sensitize their teachers, doctors, nurses, non-profit staff and volunteers, government and civic leaders, congregants and all concerned Americans to the problems of poverty in our nation.  

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     I have purchased a Community Action Poverty Simulation kit and am now licensed and trained to facilitate simulations for any and all interested groups.  I would very much like to talk to you about bringing the Simulation to your community.  

     Please contact me on the “Contact” page of my website with any and all questions.  

     To learn more about the Simulation and the Missouri Community Action Network who sponsor it, click here.


     Participation promises to be an unforgettable and, I hope, transformative experience in many ways. 

p.s.  This is not a money-making venture for me.  The license agreement for CAPS doesn't allow it even if I wished it.  If you can fund my transport and provide lodging, the rest from me is gift.  :)