"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Beersheba"


The Birth of Isaac and the Bible's First, Most Important Characteristic of Faith....



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According to the Bible, the journey that God calls 100-year old Abraham and 90-year old Sarah to embark upon in order to inaugurate the Judeo-Christian family results in the birth of a son they name Isaac, or "he laughs."  The experiences they've had on this pivotal journey have led them to laughter, and they choose to commemorate things in this way.  It would certainly seem to suggest, then, that the Bible wants us to know that "laughter" is the foundational quality of Judeo-Christian faith.  (Even though at this point in time, and for a arguably a very long time, that notion has been quite forgotten.  Things like "funny", "playful", and "delightfully silly" are probably just about the last adjectives we'd put to the tradition at this point.  Yes?)

Jane is writing a book to change all that.  "Where Laughter Comes From" traces that journey that Abraham and Sarah take, the one that leads to the birth of Isaac then.... and the birth of Laughter today....

If you want to explore a probably completely new way of understanding what that Bible wants to teach about walking with God, check out "Where Laughter Comes From".  Coming soon!

 And, if you'd like to help Jane with her research for the book, check out a Comedy Questionnaire that invites you to share some of your favorite experiences of comedy and laughter.  Let Jane know how you have lived out your heritage as "descendants of Isaac"!